Netflix-Approved “Immersive” Squid Game Experience Coming to New York City

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Netflix’s Squid Game? Starting in September, you can do so.

Netflix has signed off on an immersive, adults-only (16+) interactive experience based on its global smash hit Squid Game.

The experience is being launched by the interactive gaming and technology company Immersive Gamebox, and will be based in a new venue in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

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The multiplayer game will see players (2 to 6 can play at a time) navigating challenges based on the Netflix franchise, including Red Light Green Light and Marbles. The experience will take place in the company’s “Gameboxes,” and will utilize touch screens and motion sensing technology.

“People are constantly seeking new and different ways to remain invested in their favorite content,” said Immersive Gamebox CEO Will Dean in a statement. “To reimagine Netflix’s most popular show in an entirely new format offers customers more ways to stay connected to Squid Game.”

Immersive Gamebox already has locations in cities like Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Denver, and has previously developed games based on other IP, like the Angry Birds franchise.

The Squid Game experience also continues a strategy by Netflix to bring some of its biggest original IP to other platforms and experiences. Among the projects is a Stranger Things-themed immersive experience in New York, London, and San Francisco, and A Bridgerton Experience: The Queen’s Ball, in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Not only do the live experiences deliver revenue for Netflix (the company secures a piece of admission to them through their partners), but it also serves to further expand the brand into the real world in a meaningful way, similar to how Disney uses its theme parks to build experiences around its properties.

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Squid Game, which became Netflix’s most popular show after it debuted last year, has become a priority for the company, with a season 2 in the works, and a spinoff reality show with a $45 million prize in development.

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