‘Nope’ Universal Studios Hollywood Set Offers Creepy, Mysterious Addition to Theme Park

Universal Studios Hollywood has a creepy new attraction on the back-lot tour — and it just so happens to make history for the Los Angeles theme park.

The prominent Jupiter’s Claim set used in Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror/sci-fi film Nope was disassembled post-production and transported to Universal Studios Hollywood where it was meticulously reconstructed on site.

A first in the history of the theme park, the attraction will open to the public Friday, the same day the movie is released. Media was given a tour of the set Tuesday morning. The large, creepy and quite mysterious Western town will be part of the Studio Tour. However, VIP theme park goers will be allowed off the tram to look around the town and take pictures.

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Jon Corfino, vice president of Universal Creative, told The Hollywood Reporter creating the set, let alone moving it, was a massive undertaking.

“It took a big team,” he said. The [initial] timeline was probably about seven or eight months from inception to construction, which took about six months. We first met Jordan when he was filming, took a look at this town and it just seemed like such a natural fit for the park and film-opening timing.”

Jupiter’s Claim sits on the portion of the back lot that used to feature the massive log cabin from The Great Outdoors. But don’t worry, John Candy fans, the cabin was relocated a stone’s throw away from the Peele set.

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Beyond the surface-level creepy factor of the town set, the attraction is unique in that Nope’s plot is unknown. In true Peele form, trailers for the horror/sci-fi led to far more questions than answers, which in turn will likely bring Universal guests back, Corfino noted.

“There is so much that goes on here,” he noted of the plot. “There’s really two essential locations [in Nope], and this is a big one. It all kind of starts here and ends here, so people are going to want to come back after they’ve seen the film.”

Another added bonus of the Nope set on the backlot is Halloween Horror Nights kicks off in early September. Most of the mazes for the popular yearly event are on the backlot.

The Jupiter’s Claim set debuts on Friday, in tandem with the theatrical release of Nope, from Universal Pictures and Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions.

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