The Mosquito Coast has been canceled at AppleTV+ after two seasons.

The show follows Justin Theroux’s Allie Fox, “a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist, who uproots his family on a dangerous quest to find refuge from the U.S. government, cartels and hitmen,” the logline reads.

The news comes two weeks after the finale of season two, which saw the Foxes venture deep into Guatemalan jungles to meet up with a community of refugees. According to the streamer, “At odds about whether to settle down or keep moving, Allie and Margot [Melissa George] pursue different paths to secure their family’s future. The outcome of which will either unite the family or tear it apart forever.”

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The Mosquito Coast is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Theroux’s uncle Paul Theroux. The actor said the show’s first season served as a prequel for the novel and the 1986 movie that starred Harrison Ford as Allie Fox. And while showrunner Neil Cross tried to stick to the book’s storyline, there were some things he and Theroux agreed to change for the series.

“We made a couple fundamental changes from the book and the movie,” The Leftovers actor previously told The Hollywood Reporter. “We wanted to push Margot, who didn’t even have the name Margot in the book or the movie; she was just called Mother. But we wanted to give her agency. We architecturally thought of her as the real patriarch of the family, and Allie as almost one of the children. And then we wanted to change the older child into a girl and give her agency as well. It dawned on us that if these two children have been raised in such a closed circuit, they would not be as evolved — or even devolved — as the parents.”

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Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman also starred in The Mosquito Coast.

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