Which Service Is That Show On? New App Debuts Amid Crowded Streaming Market

In an era of peak TV, and then some, it’s rarely a struggle to find something to watch. Instead, the challenge typically arrives when trying to remember on what platform the thing you want to see is streaming. Enter QEWD.

Launched this week, the free app serves as a discovery engine meant to make it easier to locate films, TV shows and short-form content while also offering a social feature that allows users to curate, share and recommend what-to-watch lists. The app enters a crowded market of services and websites that offer to cut through the streaming noise and help users find shows and movies.

Beyond that, QEWD acts as a concierge to make suggestions and as “a personal assistant that lets users bookmark content, access and watch all their streaming services – plus live free TV, YouTube, TikTok and more – with one click,” per the company. And when content moves from one platform to the next, lists remain current as QEWD automatically makes updates.

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Hollywood insiders will recognize the names behind QEWD. Led by founder and CEO Zak Kadison, a former producer and studio development executive, the app maintains a roster of advisors that includes Garth Ancier, Dominique Delport and Yair Landau.

Kadison’s industry resume includes tenures at 20th Century Fox, Gold Circle Films, Blacklight Transmedia and Imperative Entertainment, among other posts. Ancier is one of only two executives ever to be president of three U.S. broadcast networks (NBC, Fox and the WB/CW) and he also held senior positions at the Walt Disney Co., Turner Broadcasting, BBC and more. Delport served as president of Vivendi’s content divisions and as former international president of Vice Media while Landau was the vice chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment and president of Sony Pictures Digital.

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“We’ve never had so much great TV and film content at our fingertips, on so many platforms, to discover and enjoy,” said Ancier. “That is amazing, and frustrating. QEWD matches your program preferences to your video services, tells you what’s trending – and even what your friends recommend. It’s the ‘missing piece’ in the video jigsaw puzzle.”

Added Kadison: “People have unlimited choices but limited time. And 76 percent of people say the best recommendations come from word-of-mouth. QEWD addresses this, making it easy to discover what your friends, family, trusted influencers and favorite brands are recommending.”

QEWD is a free to use application available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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